10th February 2017

Planed Maintenance: Flow App Engine (Jelastic), scheduled 2 years ago

We are pleased to inform our customer that release 4.9.5 of Flow App Engine (powered by Jelastic software) will get launched on Thursday, February 16th between 9pm - 3am CET. Here are some highlights:

New Features

  • Tomcat 9 Support
  • Ubuntu Support for Elastic VPS
  • Export/Import for Docker Containers
  • Traffic Distributor Add-On

Docker improvements

  • Auto Horizontal Scaling for Docker
  • Docker Container's DNS Aliases for nodeId

General improvements

  • Horizontal Scaling Support for Storage Container
  • Extended Custom SSL Support
  • Increased IO Performance for Dedicated Storage Container
  • Logging of Collaborators Actions
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • API Improvements
  • Engines & Supported OS Updates
  • New Software Stack Versions
  • Various Bug Fixes

Detailed information is available here: https://docs.jelastic.com/release-notes-495

Systems affected

  • Dashboard maintenance up to 6 hours.
  • No customer environments downtime expected!